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In today's modern society, our lifestyles demand us to be on our feet all day, whether it's navigating hospital operating rooms at work or exploring the great outdoors. However, many people often overlook the importance of foot health until pain and discomfort become impossible to ignore. As an orthopedic surgeon, I deeply understand the significance of foot health for overall well-being, which is why I founded Qorthop.

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Give the gift of comfort and well-being to your parents and friends with our orthotic shoes.
Every step matters, and with our orthotic shoes, each step is designed to promote comfort and support. Whether your loved ones are navigating daily tasks or enjoying leisurely strolls, our shoes ensure they do so with ease and in style.

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  • Holly Sabljak

    I purchased shoes to provide comfort mainly for knee arthritis and shin pain so I could make it through Disney World. I am happy to say I did it! The shoes offered comfort and support without looking orthopedic. I have high arches and the addition of the arch support supplied was very helpful.

  • Ella

    Wish I had known about this company years ago, I can't believe how well they fit, good arch support, the size seems to run true, glad I didn't order a half size up. The wide width is perfect for my broad instep and makes room for my bunion. Cute color and they don't look orthopedic, but certainly feel like it!

  • Vera Shaw

    I ordered two pair of orthopedic shoes and one pair looked liked an old ladies and feel heavy on my feet but the blue Laguna stretch knit ones look like regular shoes and they are lightweight and soft.

  • Claire Smith

    I'm a new nurse,I'm 54 and a bit overweight and I did a 12 hour shift wearing these shoes and I have no foot pain at all,none! I did a 12 hour shift with diffrent shoes and could barely walk at the end of it I ordered a second pair today..

  • Danielle Miller

    I had pain in my feet for years and have been wearing these shoes for about 6 months no more pain. I cut lawns and do gardening a lot of time on my feet. Very Thankful

  • Fanny Jackson

    Sooooo comfy!!
    I have had the worst foot pain with bones shifting in my feet (bunions) and pinched nerves. It has been impossible for me to wear any of my shoes and going to the gym has been impossible for months. Now, I finally have the most comfortable shoes and have a chance to live a little again!!!!


1. What classifies as an orthopedic shoe?

Orthopedic shoes are specifically crafted footwear that incorporates unique attributes to enhance foot support, alleviate discomfort and promote overall comfort, benefitting not only the feet but also to the ankles, legs and lower back.

Good quality orthopedic shoes should have special soles that soften impacts, arch support, a wide variety of widths, extra depth, wide toe box, non-binding uppers and protective interior.

2.What is the purpose of orthopedic shoes?

Orthopedic shoes come in a wide variety, tailored to address specific conditions, accommodate different foot shapes and widths, cater to various activities, and adapt to different types of surfaces.

In addition, orthopedic shoes are carefully engineered to the diverse needs and preferences of individuals seeking optimal foot health and functionality.

3. Are orthopedic shoes worth it?

Yes, orthopedic shoes have a long list of benefits. Here are a few:

They alleviate foot, back, knee and back pain, and discomfort.

They realign the foot with the legs and back.

They help with a wide variety of foot conditions, such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, hammer toes and many more.

They eliminate over pronation, which negatively affects foot function.

They improve mobility and stability.

4.Caring for the health - Starting from the feet.

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